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Zach Bines

June 10, 2024

How to Enhance the Donor Experience with Multi-Step Donation Forms

Discover the benefits of multi-step donation forms for enhancing user experience, increasing engagement, and optimizing donor conversions. Learn how to balance complexity and simplicity to boost your fundraising success.
December 12, 2023

How to Embed a Luminate Online Survey on a WordPress Site

Data is like a treasure map – it guides you to the goldmine of insights! It's not just numbers and names; it's the secret sauce for making smart decisions and turning ‘I think' into ‘I know’! Whether you want to segment your email list or make other data-driven decisions, the data you collect holds endless potential to unveil patterns, trends, and insights. In this post, I’ll go over two ways to get data from your WordPress site into your Luminate Online instance by integrating both tools utilizing a Luminate Online survey.