Digital Strategy for Nonprofits

What does Digital Strategy include?

Do you feel like your digital fundraising is stuck on repeat every year? At Doing Good Digital, we strive to create standout programs that drive results. Our three-phase strategy enhances acquisition, retention, and engagement, along with strategies tailored to your unique goals. We focus on personalized impact, focusing on critical moments of gratitude to increase response rates and donor upgrades across all channels. By taking an audience-based approach, we ensure every communication is relevant and timely, integrating seamlessly with your other initiatives.

Our digital programs go beyond direct mail companion emails

  • Food Bank of Central Louisiana
    "As a development director with little to no professional experience in digital fundraising and marketing, our partnership with Doing Good Digital was just what our food bank needed. After attending Feeding America’s Digital Strategy Institute in 2023, we learned that we didn’t need to know how to do everything ourselves but could partner with an experienced agency. That’s exactly what we found with Doing Good Digital. They provide the expertise and tools we need to enhance our digital acquisition, retention, and engagement programs."
    Linda Hutson
    Director of Development and Community Relations, Food Bank of Central Louisiana
  • intermountain logo
    “A true partner. We love working with Doing Good Digital! Their team is not only super skilled in digital marketing but also genuinely passionate about helping us achieve our mission. They've been friendly, creative, and incredibly effective since day one. Thanks to their innovative strategies, our fundraising efforts have soared, and we’re connecting with more people than ever. They understand what nonprofits need and go above and beyond to ensure our success. We can't recommend Doing Good Digital enough—they're simply the best!”
    Kathy Dalton
    Annual Giving Specialist, Intermountain Foundation

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We've created a report dedicated to helping you implement or improve your digital mid-level acquisition program.

  • Considerations for defining your mid-level program including naming and incentives.
  • Map your journey by learning how to automate, content ideas and more!
  • Discover content and technology considerations as you implement your plan

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